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Roasting machine

It roasts carefully with a direct fire type 3 kg roaster.
  Information on coffee beans * All charges (including tax)  
Blended coffee
   100g  250g   500g
a   Aromatic Blend Brazilian Main Mixed Roasting  Light Light Flavor Clearly Refined  ¥700 ¥1,400
  Mild blend Colombia Mainly  Smooth harmony with the four seasons  ¥700 ¥1,400  ¥2,450
  Mokuren blend Brazil Mainly   Sweet pleasant pleasant relaxing taste ¥700 ¥1,400  ¥2450
 d    Extra blend Mandelin Mainly  Profound bitter taste gradation ¥720 ¥1,440  ¥2,520
e   Seasonal blend   Every year limited only for that season,
  It is a blend that imagined a periodical pattern
¥720 ¥1,440  ¥2,520
Straight Coffee
   100g   250g  500g
  Brazil  Medium taste Sweet clarity sense  ¥700 ¥1,400  ¥2,450
  Columbia  Friendly taste ¥700  ¥1,400  ¥2,450
  Mocha Halal Ethiopia   Tickling flavor ¥800  ¥1,600 ¥2,800
  Guatemala  Good taste of Guatemala goods ¥720  ¥1,440 ¥2,660
  Mandelin Indonesia  Rich aroma and deep bitterness ¥760 ¥1,520  ¥2660
 6  Mocha Matari Yemen  Rosewood lady's style ¥1000 ¥2000  ¥3500
   Masters Selection  Master recommends you from time to time ¥820 ¥1,640  ¥2,870
 Besides that! ! !
   Drip bag coffee
   I will.
Coffee It is a drip bag coffee that used beans roasted with miscellaneous.
          One cup of coffee is completed with one bag.
The contents are mild blend of miscellaneous 10 g.

   * There are two types of labels, but the contents are the same.
1 piece  ¥150
10 pieces ¥1,500
    Liquid ice coffee  
   I used an extra blend roasted with coffee and miscellaneous goods

           It is liquid type ice coffee.
 * Store after opening the refrigerator, please enjoy as soon as possible.

* There are two types of labels, but the contents are the same.
¥500  (1000ml)

■ We accept orders from 100 g.
■ Please specify "keep beans" or "grind to powder" cage.
■ 20% discount for 250 g packs, 30% discount for 500 g packs.
■ About 3 weeks with beans, we recommend grinding into powder and recommending about a week for about a week.
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We will accept orders by phone.
TEL・FAX 073-427-4200
珈琲 もくれん 
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■ Estimated shipping cost
■ We accept orders from 100g. Shipping fee for orders over 4500 yen is free.

          Delivery will be delivered by Takkyubin of Kuroneko Yamato.

Shipping charges apply only to the domestic market. (tax included)

Kansai, Chugoku, Chubu, Hokuriku, Shin Etsu  
Kanto, Shikoku, Kyushu
South northeast
Northeast North

  ¥ 712
¥ 820
¥ 928
¥ 1,036
¥ 2,440
¥ 1,652

* Please pay the price with coffee beans from the post office on the transfer form.

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